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Terms & Condition

1) The customer has received computer(s) / goods specified overleaf from our company in good working condition and the products are checked properly by the customer. The computer(s) / goods have exactly the configuration as specified in overleaf. The computer(s) / goods are free from any physical damage and are in proper working condition. Any complaint regarding physical damages or, quantity shortages must be informed by the customer before signing this challan and rectified in this challan with any cancellations in this challan properly signed by the receiver and our company authority. Our company seal on all the products should be properly checked.

2) The computer(s) / goods shall always be the property of V K computer. They are for rental use only and V K computer will always remain the sole owner of the computers. The computers must be returned to the company only after receiving a “Goods receipt” from the company with all the material that is being returned duly specified in it.

3) The customer has the right to return the computer(s) / goods if at all they are not required. Invoice will be raised only for the duration till the computers are not returned. A Goods Return note will be issued as and when the computer(s) / goods are returned by the customer. The customer has to send a request by email at least 24 working hrs prior so that the computers can be picked up by the company staff with date and time specified.

4) Any physical damage to computer(s) / goods will be borne by the customer. The company can claim for damage or Material shortages in the computer(s) / goods if the company’s seal is broken or tampered or even in case of fire, robbery, Riots or any other incident beyond controllable limits. The company agrees to attend any number of breakdown calls, to keep computer(s) / goods operating. Computer hardware support will be provided free of cost only within Mumbai city limits. The company is not responsible for any data loss occurred during any installation or normal operation of the system. No software is preloaded. All spares required for the repairs of computer(s) will be supplied by the company if they are required.

5) The company has full rights to get back its computer(s) in case of delays in payments. However the company has complete rights to acquire the computers without notice if it felt that any breach of agreement is taking place. In any case the customer has to cooperate and return the computer(s) / goods to the company even if they are placed at different locations. The company in such case will not give any spare time for data backup and if in case data is required customer can send his executive to the company to perform the same.

6) The company is purely not bound for any particular software related problems. The company is not responsible for any legal actions happening against the customer if/for any misuse of, or illegal use of any software(s).

7) Any other issue arising other than the above specified must be settled in Mumbai Jurisdiction only.