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Why Buy? Renting Works better!

Due to the speed of change and rapid technological developments, and the requirement to access and provide more information faster, most technology dramatically drops in value from the day it is delivered and installed. V K Computer provides you with the benefits of using your chosen technology without the many inherent costs and risks associated with its ownership.

Purchasing equipment outright requires you to outlay substantial amounts of highly valuable cash reserves which may be better utilized for direct income generating assets, or invested in assets that appreciate rather than assets that drop in value quickly.

Cash reserves may also be better utilized to reduce secured debt facilities, which negatively impact your balance sheet. Traditional finance lease and asset purchase facilities are now recorded in the balance sheet as financial debt, which may unnecessarily affect existing credit limits, financial ratios and tie up security that may be better utilized for other business purposes. V K Computer rental payments, on the other hand, can be positioned as an operating expense, allowing you to minimize and predict cash outflow.

As opposed to credit providers who are primarily concerned with the assessment and management of a customer’s credit risk, V K Computer is a true rental provider with the core competency of managing technology based asset risk.

Through rental with Apt:

  • The risk of technology obsolescence is eliminated
  • The cost of ownership and disposal is avoided
  • Regular, fixed payments for all assets are made
  • Your assets are billed off balance sheet as an operating expense
  • Your contract details are available 24 hours a day via the Internet(optional)
  • Cost centers can be billed separately
  • You “pay for use”

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